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    a project using proven and patented pyrolysis/gasification technology to convert the unrecyclable plastics from WEEE (eScrap) and Automobile Shredder Residue (ASR) into a high grade SynGas, using a three stage conversion (3SC) process

The unrecyclable plastic content in WEEE and ASR represents a significant economic and compliance problem for these industries. This is driven by the WEEE and ELV Directives.  The recently introduced WEEE Recast 2012 has effectively doubled the collection and recovery targets set down by the original 2003 directive and all countries must be in full compliance by 2018. The targets for recycling and recovery from ASR are set to be increased to 95% in 2015

The prime mover of this project is Brendan Palmer who has over 16 year’s experience of the global WEEE, eScrap industry

This gas can be used directly as gas, it can also be used to drive a high efficiency Gas Engine of Gas Turbine to generate electricity. Further processing will allow conversion to high grade liquid fuel and there is the potential to produce hydrogen. The plants are designed to operate as CHP facilities and are classed at the top end of  "Advanced Conversion Technology"

While DravTec Ireland is initially focusing on a solution for plastics from the WEEE and ASR industries.  We are also working with our engineering partners; to exploit all of the opportunities created by other carbon based input material (Tyres etc)

A pilot facility is in place. Tests have been carried out on a mix of WEEE and ASR plastics plastics, which show and excellent output efficiency


The first fully working 3 tonnes per hour plant is currently in planning and we expect to begin physical construction during the last quarter of 2013 as a forerunner to the commissioning of a series of 3 tonnes per hour plants across the UK and the EU

We are actively seeking investors for this project, for more details on this excellent investment opportunity please Contact us

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